PC not shutting down correctly or restarting correctly. Fans and lights staying on with black screen.

Nielo TM

Aug 27, 2006
Merry Christmas. It has been two years since my last post and I've finally found the solution as to why my system wasn't shutting down or restarting correctly. To anyone experiencing the same issue, hopefully this will save some headache, time, stress and money.

In Dec 2018, I upgraded my system to AMDs AM4 platform (Ryzen 2700X + ASUS Strix X470). Everything worked fine except at times, when I shut down the system, hardware stayed on. Basically, fans, lights etc all remain on until I physically pressed the power button. But in Windows Event Viewer, log showed Windows did shut down correctly. I've spend the entire December swapping out components including exchanging the power supply (Seasonic Focus), motherboard etc without any success. You can see the extend of it on the first pic. In the end I gave up cos the issue wasn't damaging the PC or the OS.

Few weeks ago I came across a possible solution. Turns out the issue has to do with EUs modern environmental regulation. Specifically, the 2013 ErP (Energy Related Product) regulation. In BIOS, by default ErP is disabled. But it needs to be enabled (2nd picture). In my case, just S5. Now everything works correctly. PC doesn't even immediately shutdown and reboot during cold boots.

I'm not annoyed at the EU for ErP. I'm annoyed at the fact it wasn't clearly mentioned anywhere. No in BIOS, not in ASUS manual and it is tucked away in the Seasonic Focus online manual (third picture). Had to do a word search for the snip to show up. IMO, this needs to be mentioned clearly. I'll try and email Seasonic and ASUS about this, but doubt they'll listen.

Anyway, have a good holiday and a happy new year everyone.


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