PC crashed now fans spin up and nothing, pls help


Apr 11, 2007
Long time reader, first time poster since I need a decent bit of help.

I normally leave my PC running 24/7, it’s been this way since the rebuild back in November. Other then driver issues with the video cards I have had no issues. Stable as a rock.

Out of the blue the other day I came home and found it had shut down, yet the surge protector was not tripped and then 22inch CRT was still on. When I went to power it on the fans spun up, but I got no post and the monitor stayed in standby, changed monitors no dice. I decided to take the entire thing apart and rebuild it, still nothing. Tried running it with only a single GPU, same thing, swapped out ram sticks, same thing.

It’s worth nothing that the board is a foxconn nforce 590 and the debug LED shows 2x lines where the center of the number 8 would be, I couldn’t find anything that says this means something.

The build: amd x2 4200+ 65watt socket AM2, foxconn nforce 590sli, 2x evga 8800gts, 1x Sony DVD RW IDE, 4gb corsair dominator ddr2 800, lian-li PC 1000-V, OCZ gamestream 600watt PSU.

I’m trying to pin point just what died so I can replace it.

If (as I suspect) it’s the mobo I’m debating moving to the ASUS Crosshair, is there anything I need to know about this, and will the heatpipe cooling go to hell in an inverted case.

I’ve also learned about a potential ripple problem with the PSU… so I might need to replace that. However getting it up and running is the first issue. I can remove a GPU and some RAM till I get a new PSU next month.

Thanks in advance.