PC Club Tubes AGAIN

Haha I'm sorry but why do so many management type people utterly fail at writing and typing proper sentences? My old manager was horrible at it as well. It's like in order to be management, you have you give up all your writing/typing/and or spelling skills and write in incomplete sentences.

And here come the insults. Is that kind of thing really necessary?
Maybe you should check your own grammar before belittling another.
Is there anyone from the Tulsa, OK store on these boards? Was wondering if they were going to do any "going out of business" sales or if they are just going to close the doors and pull the stock back to another location.
The Tulsa store was closed down on July 23rd. All inventory was shipped to the Oklahoma City store which closed on July 29th.
Yet another victim of America's recession
The recession had nothing to do with it. From what I've been reading computer and parts sales have been strong. PC Club is simply a case of terribly overpriced products and a pathetic selection.
In my experience, the lowest priced computer parts in Las Vegas before Fry's moved in back in 2003 was PC Club because that's where I did the majority of my parts and component shopping, sooo...

And considering I'm still on their email list and get newsletters on a regular basis, I would have to strongly disagree on the overpriced products thing. Also, on the selection, they carried brands that no other places in town carried like Plextor, and even SCSI hardware that I couldn't find anywhere - until Fry's moved in, that is. :)

Fry's simply owns this town now for computer hardware, and no other retailer can touch 'em.
It really sucks that all of you fine people on this board lost your jobs because some greedy dork :(

And i have one thing to say, if i was having my computer worked on at a PCC store, and they just decided to lock it in there....they would have a lawsuite on there hands faster then they think! that would be my property and not the companys, and i wouldnt let that slide for 5 minutes!

Atleast some of you that worked there had the cahones (sp) to get as many of them done as you could to save the customers from the terror of loosing: photos, videos, un replaceable items!

I give a random applause to those that did that, it shows real customer support in my book :)
It sucks but I can't say it surprises me. Even when PC Club came back, the main stores here in LA never opened back up again. Its too bad, the guys there were really cool and they did a good job throwing together my last two PCs (after over 12 years of building my gaming rigs I got tired of doing it myself. :) )
And here come the insults. Is that kind of thing really necessary?
Maybe you should check your own grammar before belittling another.

DAMN THOSE COMMAS!!! :mad::mad::mad:

My punctuation laziness aside, I said nothing that was untrue. Just because you like the guy, it doesn't make his communication skills any better. But, it's ok. I'd be touchy too if I my job screwed me harder than a pervert in a dark alley.
Vote Obama and make it even worse. You know all those social programs he wants to run cost money. Guess where it comes from, you and your employer. Like either one of you need more expenses right now. Just keep voting for change, to bad that change equals socialism.

QFT, and since you said exactly what I intended to say.