PayPal Ban on Game Cheats Website Leads to a Spike in Sales


Fully [H]
Apr 10, 2003
PayPal has banned an undisclosed game cheats website from using their payment service after the PUBG Corporation issued a copyright complaint against the cheat maker. This caused the company to lose access to its PayPal funds for a period of six months. But an unintended consequence of this move is that gamers are now spending more than ever with the game cheat creator. This is because they now exclusively accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

"Interestingly, while many of our customers complain that we don't support PayPal they all sign up at Coinbase, Kraken and BitPay to be able to buy our products," the source mentioned. "At this rate, we are converting about 7,000 to 9,000 gamers every month to CryptoCurrency. The BitCoin Community should thank PayPal for this boost - it appears that other websites had similar issues and are now only selling through cryptocurrency."
I wonder if they steal or use other's electricity to mine those bit coins to cheat in games.
Yea, if you want to cheat in single player, go ahead i don't care. But ruining it for everyone else to brag about a scoreboard position that wasn't earned I don't understand and also agree with go die in a fire.
never understood why people go out and pay good money for a game only to waste more money on cheats.
When someone is banned from PayPal, do they lose access to all the funds of theirs which PayPal is holding?
Yeah I dont think that story shines anything good onto crypto, I guess thx PayPal.
May crypto wither and die, not necessarily because of GPU's, but because of the huge waste of energy pumped into it.

Also, wow, just wow, how bad does one need cheats to go through the hassle.
never understood why people go out and pay good money for a game only to waste more money on cheats.
Never understood why terrorizing other paying customers hasn't been made a prosecutable crime already. Cheating makes online game producers lose hundreds of millions at minimum every year because people stop playing games that have cheaters. I used to love online games but after running into obvious cheats so often I just don't bother anymore.
What satisfaction does one derive from beating others by cheating? I guess an unearned sense of pride and boost to their self-esteem, though if I did it it would have the opposite effect: I'd feel like a giant loser.
I quit playing online games years ago due to the rampant cheating. It is not just the cheaters though. It is the developers who will not do anything about it or give the ones that give you lip service about it. It really is not that hard to detect things being done that are not part of the design, especially for online games. There are methods to block computers from the game as well. I would detail that, but I am not in the mood to listen to the, "ever heard of open VPN relay dude!" and other cluless drivel.
And then a hacker will hack into their cryptocurrency purse, and steal all their coins. Honor amongst thieves, and all that :p
This is the obvious response to anyone that has ever seen how cheaters operate. They're like addicts. If you take away their fix, they aren't going to just go "welp, guess I'll stop then", they run out and buy more...