PAX East @ Boston March 11-13 2011


Supreme [H]ardness
Aug 24, 2007
PAX East is going to be in Boston again from March 11-13 2011. You can register for the Lanfest hosted by Intel here. You should hurry if you want a seat there is around 20 left.

Anyone going to this? This is my first big official LAN. Going with a group of around 12 people to this. I'm pretty psyche. Though I wasn't expecting to sell out, so damn quick.
so I'm confused, because the PAX east website has this in the FAQ:
Can I bring my own computer for the LAN?
Yes! But you need to pre-register first, so we can reserve your space--don't just show up at the event with a computer under your arm. Bring-your-own-computer registration will take place a few months after general PAX East pre-registration opens, and those who pre-register will get first dibs on BYOC slots. So when you pre-register, make sure to register an email address you actually check.
And its sold out! Right now me 2 friends are in for the BYOC, and got 3 more friends who did not pay but are on the reserve list. they were not sure if they were going to be bringing computers anyway.
Yeah, there was only 216 slots available. From what i hear though, there are usually quite a few cancellations.