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I have some patriot memory sticks that are still in use in older builds. Would love to have some to beef up the memory in my new box!
Performance, reliability and style. They make'em neat looking without it getting tacky.
The besttable way toto sum-up Patriot Memory products- Cool colors, snappy speed, really reliable, and perfect price.
Patriot has been around for quite some time, and has established a reputation for manufacturing reliable and reasonably priced memory. Patriot's product line has something to fit just about every enthusiast out there. Plus, you have to like the name!
Patriot offers competitive prices and quality ram. The heatspreaders on their products are attractively designed.

Most importantly, they probably don't bin their memory as aggressively as other companies like Corsair or GSkill. Your chances of turning regular ram into something great is higher.

My 1600 cas 9 turned into 8-8-8-24. Sweet!
I love the wide variety of products Patriot and Patriot Memory have. You can fit any type of budget and build, also they are very fast and I have never had I problem with my Patriot gear.
My Patriot memory broke and they RMA'd quickly and without any fuss.;)
From the outset I have been impressed with Patriot Memory. I have used their memory in my computers, and their USB sticks for my important data for years now; recently I even purchased one of their SSD HDD's. None of these products have let me down. You know a company stands behind their products when they offer a lifetime warranty at a great price point with damn fine performance to boot. They have my customer loyalty and are welcome to it :).
Patriot makes very solid products and has great customer service and support. Always had good luck with their memory products.
The speed, the durability, the overclocking ability, the performance, the good price, the quality, everything.
Great line of memory products from top to bottom from a well respected company with a proven record.
My favorite thing was that it wasn't until now that I realize that the patriot usb flash drives I have were made by the same people that made my patriot memory -- so I guess good stuff in impressing me as a company twice!
speed, price and the fact that patriots product works. still sporting DDR-400 ram from patriot i bought 7 years ago that is still going strong today.
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