Patriot & HardOCP Lucky Draw Giveaway

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To be honest never owned a Patriot product, but I like that they chose our awesome forum for this giveaway ;)
Patriot Ram, I choose you!

Patriot Ram, use SPD 2133!

It was super effective!!!
I liked the free 3DMark Vantage License I got with my ram and the fact it was RMA'd quickly when it went bad.
The Patriot products I've used in the past have been value ram, and they worked great, were very compatible, and very affordable. As it is right now, I brought in two sticks of PSD32G13332 from home to put in my work PC :D
Patriot's quality and compatibility are the reason they are in my current system build.
I like Patriot's memory, never failed me before. I like the 1866MHz, and the sexy heatsink!
A quality product line with great finishes, and style.
Would love some to kick-start my new build.
I've bought a lot of Patriot memory over the years and I've never had any of it go bad. Reliability is why I like Patriot products.
Honestly, I've never tried Patriot's equipment. I've always wanted to give them a try, but the allure of sticking with Kingston was too great.

I'm set in my ways...however, if given free ram, I'd be more than happy to see for myself if I have a true competitor to my beloved Kingston :D
I've always gotten excellent performance out of the Patriot memory products that I have used. Good stuff!
Patriot is on my list of quality parts to go to. Not to mention their flash drives are pretty awesome. I use them every day at work.
I have many different memory products from patriot. In fact I'm using a typing this from a portable browser running on a Patriot USB flash drive. They are still the fastest Flash drives out there I have used.
I like the fact that (unlike another major memory brand I won't name here), I've never had a DOA stick of RAM from them, and the 4x1GB in my main rig has been running for 4 years without an issue.
I only have experience with their RAM, but it's been solid and reliable, and has a great price-performance ratio.
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