Patriot & HardOCP Lucky Draw Giveaway

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I'm going to go with reliability. My xporter XT is like 3 years old and still going strong. It was the fastest USB drive I could find at the time too.
Does what it says on the tin....errr box. Boxes, yes boxes. ^_^
Patriot has become a relevant player in the market. Their products are serious contenters against any other mfg.
Have read numerous reviews on their memory and from what I can remember they were always considered top notch.:)
I have a Patriot Box office for my media player and could not be happier with it. It plays any format I throw at it and works great off my home network.
Patriot memory. Great stuff, had some in my sisters system for 5+ yrs now and still going.
Great performance and solid products from patriot. Almost everyone could use newer faster
RAM ;-)
i love the quality of patriot
i love the speed of the memory
i love the price

and most of all i love the name

I haven't used patriot memory in a while but the brand does take me back to days of DDR1.

Used the same set with my AMD 2400+ and later the 3000+ all with great OC's. I'm pretty sure if I built a box using my 3000+ I still have lieing around with my patriot memory it would still work (damn thats like 8 or 9 years old).
Patriot makes good RAM and flash drives. I have several Rage XT drives and looking to get some Patriot RAM soon.
The snazzy heat sinks are nice. I seem to remember a friend waxing poetic about them back in '98-2000.
I had patriot ram for sckt 939, people were telling me "Patriot" wtf kinda shit is that, funny thing is, it smoked their ram by a good margin and they were like wtf :|

Since then I have always liked Patriot stuff, solely due to that experience.

Keep on rocking it baby.

I know I wont win shit, cuz its probably just for americans, but I just had to let my little experience be known.
I ran patriot memory in my core 2 machine for several years without a glitch. That same memory is now being used in a computer I built for my mother.

Even with a more 'budget conscience' price, it's obviously good memory that's built to last!
I like Patriots commitment to keep pushing the envelope. They make reliable components that are top of the line for all of us here @ the [H].
Speed of course. Last time I used 'generic' memory I was sorry, the timings are not there.
Customer Support is TOP NOTCH!! Great Value, Excellent Quality, super fast memory, couldn't ask for more!!
I like the speed.

Getting a couple of sticks of this RAM would be a good reason to finally abandon DDR2.
I like the performance, reliability, and competitive pricing of Patriot's memory products, and I like their name and what it stands for.
I like Patriot memory because they are available at high speeds at reasonable latencies and their stylish but effective heat spreaders.
I like how they're American made with a great warranty. Kick ads company. Still rocking some DDR1 sticks from them
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