Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum


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Sep 24, 2001

Hey, new league today.

It's literally my first time playing this game, so if I'd love it if people wanted to connect and help a scrub!

"UnknownSouljer" on Steam "UnknownSouljer" on PoE through the connected account. Not sure if there is a [H] clan or what the deal is!

EDIT: "Naomi_of_the_Faithful" is the name of my Witch on the new League.

(And the main PoE thread is locked, and all the other PoE threads are also about their respective leagues. Yes I did a search before posting this thread.)
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Apr 16, 2017
I think you have to add a friend (and PM people) by a character name, though the account name will come up after anyway. I'm not sure why it's that way. I just created a new character "imerflsdfhh" that anyone can feel free to invite/PM. I just died in HCSSF Ruthless though lol so I'm taking a short break. I'll probably be on plenty though on the normal default league. I might be AFK sometimes, but feel free to invite/PM me in the game or let me know your character name here. I'm sure we'll eventually make contact.

I've played off and on for a few years. I wouldn't consider myself great at the game in any competitive sense yet, but I enjoy it. And it would be fun to have some others to play with. Maybe set goals to kill some endgame bosses or something. I've tried to get a couple people to teamplay with in the past, but the addictive nature of the game scared them off (which is understandable).