Feb 14, 2004
Ok so I have a partition on 2 hard drives. For some reason when I install a program it goes to both hard drives. Can anyone fix it to where it installs on one specific hard drive and not both?

Also I have a cd drive that wont close all the way. Is it a completely bad cd drive or what?
Ok so I have a partition on 2 hard drives.
A partition on 2 hard drives!
Is that really what you want to say?
Can you re-write that?

Also I have a cd drive that wont close all the way.
That sounds like a hardware issue, doesn't it? Why not post this part in the hardware forum?
Yes a partition on 2 different hard drives. Anything installed goes to both hard drives. can anyone help me fix it?
not sure. think its raid 0. not sure how it can be confusing. he told me that when he installs a program it installs to both hard drives. not sure why or what setup hes using but thats what he told me
Find out what type of RAID it is. If it's RAID 0 (Striping) have more legwork to do to "unraid" it. If it's RAID 1 (Mirror), chances are you'll have an easier time "breaking the mirror" so the 2nd drive isn't part of the RAID anymore.

CD drive that won't close? They're so cheap, not even worth the time to troubleshoot...toss it and get another one.
Can someone tell me how to fix this so that the programs dont install to both hard drives? I really dont know what Im doing and I have to work on it today
Well first off how did you discover programs were being installed to both drives? Any time I ever setup a raid array, RAID 1 or RAID 0, the array only ever showed up in windows as one hard drive. Too see what it is you would have to watch the BIOS post screen on boot. Or go into the BIOS and look at the settings for the RAID setup.
alright ill do that. stay in touch man. ill be working on it around 3 pm today central time. if u could help it would be greatly appreciated