parallels giving me trouble

Nov 21, 2003
Hey guys, so i just got a brand new macbook pro 15 inch with 2.5 ghz, 2gb ram, 250gb HD, 512mb video card.

Anyways, first thing i did is i got parallels 3.0, and i have had nothing but problems with it. Im not sure what the problem is, but when i am installing windows through parallels, it always freezes.

Well, freezes is an incorrect term. The install stays active, with new screens continuing to scroll through on the windows install, but it never moves past 32min remaining on the install portion of the windows install. I cannot figure out why it doesnt progress past that point.

Just as a side note, it had installed fully once before, but parallels kept freezing, so i uninstalled and deleted everything, and re-downloaded parallels off the parallels official website (yes its a real version). Ever since then, it wont install past 32 min remianing.

I have it set at 1024mb allocated to xp, optimized for xp over osx, and its xp pro.
Are you doing the express installation or a custom install?

I'd recommend lowering the memory to 512mb, at least for the install.

I run XP on Parallels 3 with no problems, though I run it with 512mb of allocated memory. Anything higher and I notice some performance issues stemming from the host OS
Demand a refund and get VMWare Fusion. :p

Are you installing from a disc or a disk image? If from a disc, I'd say maybe it's got a scratch or something in it if it reliably freezes at the same exact point.
He didn't ask what software to get, so let's try to offer help for the issues he's having with the software he has?

Thanks for understanding. :rolleyes:
Unfortunately, Parallels is a piece of shit, I tried it for a while with my mbp and had nothing but trouble with it, Im sure this is why the rest of the replies got deleted, but if Parallels support wont help, I really recommend VMware Fusion, it worked out a lot better for me, and it's cross platform interoperability make it a winner. Sorry I cant be more help.
It too suggest trying the 512mb for install. Also once installed, install parallels vm tools that should help out a lot. I'd also suggest that you make sure you're not running much other than parallels during install.

I hate to beat on a drum, but after trying out the VMware beta 2.0 v2 I sold my copy of parallels to a friend, and have been using it until the final is out to buy.
I don't know why everyone is so down on Parallels. I've got it installed on my MBP and my wife's MB. I don't have any stability or performance problems with either machine. And I have 1gb allocated through Parallels.

If you decide to stick with Parallels, try setting up Windows through Bootcamp first. DO NOT activate Windows until you complete the next step. Then, when you install and configure Parallels, point it at the Bootcamp partition. When setup is complete, activate Windows and you'll be done.
I suggest you use Bootcamp. Yes you would have to reboot to change operating systems but it works a lot better. Having both operating system on at once uses too much resources.....just not worth it.