Palmer Luckey's Guide to Modding the Oculus Go


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Apr 10, 2003
Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey has written a guide to modding the Oculus Go. The first mods that he performed were to change the color of the HMD from grey to black to cut down on the amount of reflected light on the optics. The next phase of modding involved removing all unnecessary weight to lower the mass of the device from 400 grams to 280 grams. He swapped the battery from a 2600mAh 18650 cell to a 3500mAh battery that lasts for 3 hours of play time. The battery now mounts at the back of the head with a magnetic pogo-pin connector to make battery swaps a breeze.

He redesigned the cooling system for the SOC with a much lighter heat pipe and installed a micro-blower to cool the aluminum fins. Removing the aluminum faceplate and replacing it with a lightweight tinted/polarized plastic allows many of the inner working of the device to be seen. He gave up on adjusting the IPD of the Oculus Go as it is a fixed-IPD headset. That is the one area for concern that still causes him trouble while using the device.

I am not using GoBlack very much at the moment, mostly because of the IPD issues mentioned earlier. I am very glad Oculus Quest has IPD adjustment, and really look forward to it! For anyone who cares, wait just a little bit longer for the vestibular fix I have been talking about.
He hasn’t been part of Oculus for over a year. Not sure how he could have thought of something on a product he hasn’t had a hand in since March 2017.

I'm 99% sure that the product announced in 201710 was not invented overnight.
I'm 99% sure that the product announced in 201710 was not invented overnight.

End of 2017, several months after he was fired. So while he likely had some hand in the Go, he would not have been there when everything was finalized by Oculus and they decided it was ready to go to market.