Palm Zire 71 w/ Free MP3 Kit, Software & Mailstation - $210 shipped


Aug 9, 2003
OfficeMax has the Palm Zire 71 for $249.98. This bundle includes a free MailStation 350 e-mail appliance ($200 value). Search for item #BUND5913 - I can't post a link because of the session IDs.

There are also rebates on the OfficeMax product page for a free MP3 kit and free software CD (which includes Bejeweled (great game), Solitaire and BankBook) by mail.

Add paper clips or some other small item and use the $40 off $250 coupon available elsewhere (search Google or check out the site in my sig).

Your total ends up being $210 plus tax for the Palm Zire 71 (w/ built-in camera), MP3 kit ($99 value), MailStation and Software CD.

Is this a good PDA? I've been thinking about getting one with a keyboard so I could type notes in class and have a very small and compact package to do so, not a laptop. And this would deffinitly be cheaper. Is the mp3 player that good? and what would I use the email appliance for. Oh yea, and I'm guessing it can connect to a computer to transfer files and stuff somehow right?

Sorry I asked so many questions, just want to make sure if I drop $210 bones, its well worth it.