Pair of Cisco 2600 Routers with 12.3 IOS - Ends 7/12 - $44.99 each OBO

Dark Shade

May 2, 2006

Pictures in the listing

I am selling two of the Cisco 2600 routers I used in my Cisco lab while studying for my certifications. They are both in working order with some cosmetic scratches on the exteriors. I have upgraded their IOS to the highest version they will accept -- 12.3(22) -- and come standard with 48MB of RAM and 8MB of flash memory. They are both set to factory defaults, ready for configuration. I am selling them individually or together, depending on the buyer. Shipping costs will be lower if purchased in pair.

These machines are great for a home Cisco lab for those trying to get their certifications. I would keep them around except that I am now working for a company that will provide all of the training for me. They come with only one (1) power cable each, and no console/serial cables.

I apologize for my pictures as it's in a low-light area and phone cameras are terrible.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions regarding these routers.
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I am completely surprised that there is no model number listed? 2600 is the series, not the model.

I am going to guess that these are 2610s?
Well they didn't sell, but they are available to you [H] folk, I'll even knock the price down to $40+ shipping for each.
Good deal. I'm getting rid of a stack of my CCNA stuff (going for CCNP next, and these just won't cut it). Otherwise, I'd be all over it. I went on a Cisco spree a while back and just got a bunch just to play with. Made a great lab, too. These are some good routers.