p9x79 ws and ramapge gene iv with i7-3930K my oc test differences and questions


Limp Gawd
Aug 5, 2003
I got two builds both with i7-3930K CPU and 32 GB Ram G.SKill, Noctua nh-d14 cooler

-P9X79 WS mainboard
- corsair obsidian 550 D case
- evga GTX 680 FTW 4GB

-rampage Gene IV
-fractal ARC MINI case
- evga 610

Number one is my workstation number two is render farm so it doesn't have good GPU.
I OC'ed both to 4.6 GHz with 1.325 V ,using settings form this official ASUS video: [VIDEO]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kx2z07sFM2I[/VIDEO]

After running AIDA64 on both builds I'm getting temperature differences.
Build 1 is running around 73 (hit even 76 sometimes) C in full load while build 2 is 68 C.
The strangest thing is the temp jumping difference on build one it's much wider spread:

Is it possible that because of more heat inside the case of 1 because of 680 GPU can cause this difference? Or rampage got better power control over the CPU ? Or simply CPUs have different quality and this is causing this or I badly applied thermal compound on build 1 ?

case sensitive

Limp Gawd
Dec 21, 2012
Could be caused by a few different things, the 680 would put out more heat under load but when idle shouldn't make much difference (plus that 680 doesn't exhaust heat into the case). Most likely is different airflow in different cases and/or a not great mount on the cpu cooler. You could try re-mounting the heatsink and see if it helps. Also if you could post some pics of the inside of both cases or describe airflow (how many intake and exhaust fans) and cable management.


Jun 21, 2004
Are they in the same case with the same fans? Same place in your room, maybe ambient temp or airflow is slightly different?

I'd say those temps are pretty close so it's probably just a small cooling difference or heatsink install. It's possible the actual CPU voltage is different between those two boards too. Also no two cpus are exactly alike. Between all those things I'd think that would account for the differences you're seeing.