P8101 TPF on Quad 6128?

never run at stock .. so don't know ..

this is what I got when running mine at 259 (refclock)

Name: sm6128
Path: **********
Number of Frames Observed: 300

Min. Time / Frame : 00:15:52 - 274,842.3 PPD
Avg. Time / Frame : 00:18:05 - 225,888.5 PPD
Cur. Time / Frame : 00:18:05 - 225,227.1 PPD
Thanks! So 18:00 TPF for a 2.6mhz x 32 cores. Rippin'.

Any stock numbers out there?
The trackers flaw is we named our systems so its hard to figure out the setup:(

First place I looked.
I propose that we move this inquiry to the tracker thread :)
I'm at stock and see about 22 min spot on though some frames go longer till around 23 min.
So lots of room.

I've recently found that sometimes a P8101 (dunno about other BigAdv) will fold slow until you reboot.

Anything over 29:00 TPF is at risk if you babysit the machine.