OWC Thunderbolt 3 10Gig Ethernet Adapter - $125.76

Snaged one. Good bye crappy USB3 nic
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Pretty much all my editors connect to fiber channel storage over Thunderbolt. Works great its basically an external PCI-e port with some limitations.
Are these thunderbolt connections really fast??? I noticed I had a connection on my Asus Hero motherboard and didnt know about this device connection. Guess I got behind on my 5 yr old MB....

Current generation is 40Gbps bandwidth, pretty much an external PCIE slot that runs around 4x bandwidth.

Been using it with multiple device so far on my setup. LG UltraFine 5K monitor also required thunderbolt 3 connection and chaining with keyboard, mouse, and other I/O devices through 1 single cable.

It actually make things a lot cleaner and easier to change between desktop and laptop.
I'd grab one if the price would float back down. It's $159.99 now, down $20 from earlier in the day.
Thanks for the explanation guys.. Now, I am educated on this new interface...

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Sorry for the short post. 10Gbit stuff that is SFP+ (where you insert a GBIC to determine media type) are much more common on both the switch & network card side. I've picked up fiber 10Gbit "SFP+" gbics at under $5 each and network cards for $20 ea. Copper SFP+ GBICS I've only seen at $50 ea..
10GBase-T is rapidly coming down in price (and power usage). Given that it interoperates with existing gigabit equipment, and more motherboard and computer vendors (e.g. Apple) are beginning to include it, I feel it's going to be the defacto 10Gig standard in short order.
And with 2.5/5g in the mix, even if 10g doesn't become ubiquitous, I believe multi-gig will.
And with 2.5/5g in the mix, even if 10g doesn't become ubiquitous, I believe multi-gig will.
I like the idea of multi gig. In reality 1/10G switches (esp used/enterprise) are way cheaper than multi-gig switches.