Overclocking an Intel Celeron 900MHz


be more clear next time.

btw - 900--> maybe 905?

not worth it. get a new processor
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...not worth it...

how is overclocking "not worth it" your getting something for nothing. enough said.

as said before start bumping up your front side bus, thats all you can do. i would put the voltage to 1.9v or as close to that as possible and just start bumping up the fsb. all celeron 900's used the cD0 stepping so they are based on the last revision of the coppermine core which ran out to 1.1ghz. with luck you could hit close to that.

what kind of motherboard, memory, and cooling are you using?
There are lots of overclocking tutorials on the net...

but check it out...

You will most likely be able to go into your BIOS and change your settings...increase your FSB as long as your machine is stable.

If you want to just overclock your chip, use its multiplier.

That is as easy as it gets. If you run into ANY problems (which you will) then you will find that it isn't really easy at all.

If you really want to overclock, be ready to spend lots of time learning, researching and experimenting and testing.
When you ask for help on overclocking, it's usually a lot handier to know what model motherboard you have than to know what model CPU you have.

Saying 'I have a 900mhz celeron and want to overclock it' is only a little more helpful than saying 'I have a celeron and want to overclock it', which is only a little more helpful than saying 'I have a computer and want to overclock it!'


Quick lesson on what overclocking is:

Your celeron will have a locked multiplier. This means that to overclock it, you need to increase your FSB (front side bus) speed.

Your 900mhz celeron has a 9x multiplier and a 100mhz FSB speed. 9x 100mhz = 900mhz celeron. To make it faster you need to up the bus speed. Increasing your FSB to 110mhz would mean 9x 110, or a 990mhz celeron.

Since you didn't tell us what model motherboard you have, we don't know what you need to do to change your FSB speed. Not all motherboards will let you adjust your FSB speed. Some will let you in your BIOS, so you may wish to take a look there.

If your motherboard lets you increase FSB speeds, increase them in small amounts and test your system to see if it's stable at such speeds. A 110mhz FSB speed would mean 990mhz on your celeron (9x 110).

If your system is close to stable at a speed, you can try increasing voltage to get stability. Not all motherboards allow voltage adjustment.

I bet you could get it too 120 x 9. But just to be safe try 110 in the BIOS (if you can do it that way) and see if it checks as bootup.