Over clocking questions


Nov 6, 2012
First I wanted to say I am pretty new to over clocking, have been doing a lot of reading and learning as much as possible. So I appreciate the patience from everyone while I ask these questions! I built a custom computer (in sig) and was testing stability before over clocking. The only change is my RAM is using XMP profile to OC at 2133 @ 1.6v. Instead of its normal 1600 @ 1.5v. I ran Prime95 four a couple of hours and everything was good. I restarted ran it again as I felt a couple of hours wasn’t enough and I hit a rounding error within 5-10 mins. Once I got the first rounding error I ran a memtest+86 over night on all dims installed and received no errors, should I try another tool such as LinX? Or something wrong with one of the Dims?
Is there a huge difference in stress testing between memtest86+ compared to prime95 for an error? Should I try prime95 at stock with no XMP profile activated to test RAM stability?
I appreciate any help or information as I am quite new to the OC community! :D