Ouya Apologizes to Early Adopters


Aug 27, 2003
They didn't ship to stores before they shipped to backers. Their biggest mistake was choosing DHL as their carrier of choice to handle distribution. DHL's tracking system sucks balls. I literally got a tracking number that couldn't be found in their system til it got scanned stateside, right before being handed off to USPS for final delivery. It took more than 2 weeks for that tracking number to be able to be used. The story is, they went from packaging to a DHL warehouse, and once your order was moving out of the warehouse onto delivery, you were issued a tracking number. Well, DHL's system sent me a tracking number that wouldn't track until my above mentioned timeframe.

I did finally get my console, and it was before release. I did get a big MEH on my initial tinkering with it, and it hasn't been turned back on since the first night, but I will give it some time and see if it grows into something.


Aug 27, 2003
Just for those who might be interested, here is the post they sent to us as backers explaining the shipping delays:


I am pissed. Some of you have not yet received your OUYA -- and, to you, I apologize. I did not promise to ship to *most* of you before we hit store shelves. I promised to ship to *all* of you. I’ve been reading your comments, and we are working to solve this.

Here is what I know:

We delivered your OUYAs to our partner in May, and since then they have been in their custody. We paid for shipping, yet the deliveries remain incomplete. We know everyone is getting their OUYA, but it is taking longer than we expected.

We are working hard to get you answers, and more importantly, to fix this. On our end, we have tripled our customer service team so we can respond as quickly as possible to your questions (though the answer may still be that it’s in transit). We are working with our partners to resolve any administrative issues related to undelivered boxes (errors in shipping addresses, customs holds, etc.). I’m told that despite our best efforts, it may take another two weeks or more for some of these units to arrive.

We will resolve this as quickly as possible. I’ve had my team working all evening to provide me with the current state of affairs and what we are doing to make it right. Ken, our Special Ops lead, can give you more detail.

- Julie

Hi Everyone,

My name is Ken Stephens, and I am the Head of Operations at OUYA.

This post is personally addressed to our early backers who have not yet received their OUYAs.

As we hit store shelves tomorrow, it is very important that I try my best to explain why your units are behind schedule from our commitment and when we anticipate delivery.

As you may be aware, we manufacture OUYA in mainland China with our fulfillment partner in Hong Kong who is responsible for the individual shipments to you all.

Over the past few months, we encountered and conquered many challenges spanning both hardware and software in order to bring the best product we could to market. We have tried to make sure that the challenges we faced did not impact our early supporters, but unfortunately we came up short.

On average, shipment processing--from fulfillment center to product delivery--runs 20 days, end to end. It takes 3 to 5 days to pick, pack and ship the units out -- and then 15 to 17 days of transit time. Therefore, if you received your tracking number with your shipping confirmation email, your unit is on its way.

I know that many of you are frustrated with the DHL tracking system. While we are working hard to get this issue rectified, I am sorry to say this is still causing problems. When you receive a tracking number, you expect it to work immediately, but sometimes these tracking numbers don’t do that. The reason for this is that when the product leaves Hong Kong, the tracking process does not initiate until it arrives for the first scan at your country’s local depot. As a result, you could have a period of up to 10 days within which the product appears in limbo. This, we all agree, is very frustrating.

Additionally, we have seen a lot of cases where the unit will be delivered to your door without the product ever getting an arrival scan. This also unfortunately happens when dealing with the local postal systems.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of those who haven’t yet received OUYA are international backers. It just takes a lot longer to ship to some countries.

All of these units HAVE left Hong Kong, and you have received your tracking email.

So, based on the date of your shipping-confirmation email, your OUYA will arrive within 15 to 17 days from that date.

Please accept my personal apology for not yet delivering on our promise.




Limp Gawd
Nov 28, 2012
That is the most disingenuous, hipsteresque apology I've ever seen. Opening with "I am pissed?" Seriously? And if that doesn't cheese it up, including asterisks for emphasis? That apology reads like a 4chan post or something. If that is any indicator of the company itself, then this Ouya (the name matches the doucheyness of the writer of that apology) is a completely doomed venture.


[H]ardness Supreme
Dec 19, 2000
When I see devices like this and people all drooling over themselves at the prospect of getting one and what it will do I tend to chuckle a little. The reality is never as good as the marketing. Shocker.