Outlook/exchange 2003 & shared contacts in "To" field


Feb 13, 2004
I have a working Exchange 2003 server and clients running outlook 2003. Everything seems to be working well except for one thing.

I created a shared contact folder in the public folders. I then added a bunch of contacts and gave editor permission to a "Staff List". Staff List is a distrobution group in AD.

Each member of the group and go down to public folders and open the Public Contacts folder and see/edit the contacts in there. So that seems to be working great.

I then right-clicked on the folder and checked the box to add the Public Contacts to the outlook contacts options. Now when I user starts a new message and clicks the "To" button they see a option under "Global Contacts" for Public Contacts.

The problem is that the Public Contacts are empty there. It is as if they can't see them at all, but they can if they go down to the actual folder in the public folders.

Any ideas?