Opteron Identification


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Dec 15, 2010
Opteron Identification

Currently I only have G34 examples shown but I will probably add C32 later and if requested Socket F.

Gen     1       2       3       4       5       6       7       8                
MC      Z       S       1618    00      T       C       E       21
MC      Z       S       1718    00      T       C       E       25
MC      Z       S       2008    00      T       C       E       25
MC      O       S       6128    WK      T       8       E       GO
MC      O       S       6180    YE      T       C       E       GO
IL      Z       S       2020    45      T       C       G       43
IL      Z       S       2521    45      T       C       G       44
IL      Z       S       2626    60      T       G       G       45
IL      O       S       6272    WK      T       G       G       GU
IL      O       S       6282    YE      T       G       G       GU
AD      Z       S       3583    45      T       4       G       54
AD      Z       S       2880    57      T       G       G       54
AD      O       S       6308    WK      T       4       G       HK
AD      O       S       6386    YE      T       G       G       HK
1. Series

O  Opteron
Z   ES
2.  Class 

S  Server
E  Embedded

3 Model number
Retail: First two digits denote generation
Retail: Last two digits denote level of performance inside generation.
ES: First two digits denote clockspeed
ES: Last two digits denote  "I haven't the foggiest"
MC      1718   
MC      2008           
MC      6128   
MC      6180
IL      2020   
IL      2521   
IL      2626   
IL      6272   
IL      6282
AD      3583   
AD      2880   
AD      6308   
AD      6386

4. power and features
VA      85 Watt, Socket G34
WK      115 Watt, Socket G34
00      115 Watt, Socket G34
45      115 Watt, Socket G34
YE      140 Watt, Socket G34
57      140 Watt, Socket G34
60      140 Watt, Socket G34

5. Package  
T       G34

6. Number of cores in hex  (as it has been pointed out twice now since IL AMD has abandoned the base 16 counting to keep from adding a second column... 
                                         not sure what base they are using since they did have a 20c ES AD chip that hasn't show up anywhere.  
                                         So... 1-9 then A-Z.  20c would be K by my guess.)
4       4
6       6
8       8
C       12
G       16

7. L3 Cache size
E       12 MB
G       16 MB

8. Core stepping
GN      MC D0
21      MC D0  
25      MC D1  
GO      MC D1
43      IL A0  (do not buy, unstable and removed from bios support)
44      IL B0  YMMV
45      IL B1    
GU      IL B2
54      AD C0 (Unconfirmed)
HK      AD C0

Retail information mainly gathered from cpu-world.

Gathering the ES info and connecting the dots was my doing.
I am still trying to work out what those last 2 digits of the part number mean though lol.
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6. Number of cores in hex ??

16 base 10 = 10 in hex, so not quite hex after this point
</geek mode>
6. Number of cores in hex ??

16 base 10 = 10 in hex, so not quite hex after this point
</geek mode>

Yeah that got pointed out in irc... It looks like they abandoned hex with IL.
Answers my question as to what they planed to do about the 20c chip.