Opteron 175 Stock HSF Install Oddness *help*

Oct 28, 2004
So I got my retail Opteron 175 and everything looks fine except that the bar you flip back and forth (to loosen/tighten) doesn't have a latch like it does in the sample "video" / pictures. When I put the heatsink on it went alright, I pulled it back but it seems like it doesn't want to get pulled back farther than pointing directly up. I'm not sure if this is a new design or what it is supposed to do exactly. Anyone have experience with what to do on this style of heatsink?

Help appreciated since I'm scared as all hell to turn it on without knowing if its installed correctly.

*** Solved ***
With a bit of jiggling, a little bit of force it finally worked. Will get the install running this weekend and get some pics posted soon!