OPPO Promises 5x Optical Zoom without an Ugly Camera Bump


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Aug 20, 2006
Camera bumps have never really bothered me, but OPPO has demonstrated a new zoom module that makes it possible to keep things flat. Comprising it is a periscope-styled lens array, which may not be a totally new idea, but OPPO did manage to figure out how to shrink the concept while improving the degree of image magnification.

The culmination of a year-long development effort, OPPO's sensor features a telephoto lens and wide-angle lens, which isn't all that different from what other vendors have done. What's unique about OPPO's approach is that the telephoto lens is set at a 90-degree angle, with a periscope-style setup diverting light from a prism and onto the lens. In doing so, OPPO has managed to shrink the size of the camera module to just 5.7mm, allowing it to fit into phones and not have a protrusion sticking out the back. The sensor itself has over 50 individual parts, and OPPO is also offering improved image stabilization.


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May 11, 2012
This looks similar to what Minolta did with their Dimage X camera. A a folded lens system using 45 degree mirrors to get the whole lens system inside a compact housing. They got some decent Zoom ability in there too but suffered with light sensitivity and chromatic aberrations as a result. But that was a LOONG time ago now. Maybe time to revisit old ideas... :)