opinions on Seagate Ironwolf or EXOS drives vs WD ex-Hitachi drives


May 26, 2021
When everything is on sale for Black Friday, I will get an 18 or 20 TB drive, but can't decide which brand or series. Many years ago I used Seagate but after some real problems I was a happy camper HGST customer. Since then I've bought a few WD external drives, some of which I've shucked.

I checked the BackBlaze 2023 Q2 stats, but they don't any drives above 16 TB and most drives are less than that.
I dislike Seagate.

On the other hand it is hard to give first-hand experience about Seagate since I don't have any of their drives. Except for one which turned out SRM without disclosing that. So I continue to dislike Seagate.

I like the HGST drives. I have one chugging away for years now, never had a hickup.