Opinion: Logitech G910 VS Corsair K95 RGB Platinum (Brown)

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    Aug 28, 2013

    I figured I would post this review, though its probably already been done. Feel free to scroll down to the conclusion. I'm just enjoying my cherry brown switches.

    A little background. A few years back, I bought 3 logitech G910 and matching G502 Mice. I bought these for work, as I needed the macro keys on the left, and the profiles. I used these keyboards for 2 years. The new K95 comes as the first real contender i've seen

    G910 personal experience:
    Typing on this keyboard is a pain. The old style chiseled keys do not work well, the new keys do help. The switches took time to break in on all three keyboards. The most broken in of the three still does not type very well.

    The macro keys function well, and the software is easy to use. The RGB lighting is great if you like it to be precise. The entire key lights up, but not the space around it, making for a very clean look if you are using color zones for the keys.

    Of the three i have had, the only real defects are as follows: the num lock light does not light up on one of the keyboards unless you press numlock twice, however it is on. A few keys are printed odd and the H, for example, is at an angle. No other defects in 2 years with everyday use. (i should add as a side note that even after spending nearly $800 on logitech products, they would not even consider giving me a few keycaps to replace the misprinted ones)

    The plastic is a close second to the worst quality of the keyboard (the keys, for typing). This plastic easily scratches (wrist rest scratches the hell out of it), and gets dirty quick. Cleaning is a pain, and the keys are delicate and prone to breaking even when removing with the tools logitech provides. The keyboard is ugly and stands out as such in the workplace. The attached wrist rest is pretty bad. I should mention that the coating on the keycaps retains the oil from your fingers and requires constant cleaning to keep it that dusty matte black color.

    So, on a whole, I have always been looking for something that types better and looks nicer. The G910 does the job every day, doesnt fail, and is easy to use.

    Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

    I'll go in the same order.

    Typing is excellent on the cherry brown switches. The speed switches were pretty awful, so I did not even consider this in my purchase. out of the box, the cherry keys feel 'broken in', and type much better than the logitech. I make less errors, and type faster.

    The macro keys. For some reason, the spacing on these seem a bit odd. I think they are a bit farther away than the 910 and they seem a bit harder to hit. I have to reach to press them. They work as you might imagine. The rgb lighting is superior to the logitechs ONLY if you like a nice 'screensaver' type effect. When you light them in zones, they reflect off eachother, and the entire key does not light evenly. The light is located at the top of the switch, so the top is well lit. They even put all the characters towards the top of the key to compensate. The bottom of the characters are not well lit (especially noted on keys with multiple functions) in static mode.

    No failures so far. Fairly new, so time will tell.

    The build quality is night and day compared to the 910. Thank you corsair for using aluminum on everything you possibly could. The keyboard is beautiful and looks very professional. It takes up only the amount of space you need it to. The detachable wrist rest is a godsend. The only downside to me is the G keys are gray. I can likely replace these with something else, a they use standard, hard to damage key caps.


    Corsair all day. The typing is superior, the build quality is superior, and it looks like something a professional can use without looking like an idiot. Corsair finally produce a product that isnt a compromise (the old insanely large K95, or the K70 with no macro keys) and I love it.

    I think i typed this review only because i enjoy typing so much on this keyboard. lol. Now, I just need to scrape up 600 more dollars to replace all my G910s.
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    Nov 12, 2012
    Well that's an interesting opinion. I have both the k95 and the G910 and I find the G910 vastly superior for typing and gaming.

    I liked my K95, the only thing dumb about it is the macro keys just being slapped on and not even at the same height.
    But convex keycaps are better than flat caps. They guide your finger to the center and so you don't hit multiple keys. And romer g switches have a higher actuation than cherry switches so they're faster. I can type faster and more accurately on the G910 because of this and it's better for gaming for the same reasons.
  3. cokewithvanilla

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    Aug 28, 2013
    Sounds like you do not have the K95 RGB Platinum, which is brand new and only has 6 macro keys. I am reviewing the new version, that comes in Cherry MX Speed and Cherry MX Brown.

    You will find that the MX speed switches are much liked the Romer G, if you prefer that. But i am not here to argue Romer G vs Cherry [x].. people have their own preference. I was just giving an opinion on two products. Take the typing with a grain of salt, thats very subjective. The fit/finish/quality however, are not.
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  4. zerogg

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    Jan 26, 2017
    It sounds like the K95 RGB platinum is a winner. I kind of wish there were a 10 keyless option, but it looks like they kept the width to a minimum with the exception of the macro keys.
  5. Zardoz

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    Aug 27, 2000
    The Romer Gs take more to press (weight) and did not seem as smooth IMO. I got the K95 plat, but went with speed switches+orings for short activation and throw. very smooth and quick. (not for everyone.)