OpenVPN clients in Merlin keep failing


Feb 19, 2004
I don't think this is specific to Merlin, as I've had the issue in regular asuswrt, but i have intermittent issues with my vpn clients in my router going down. It's usually pretty infrequent, but this week I've had a lot of issues. I currently can't get into a NY vpn client i setup (and was working fine) 2 nights ago, and my NJ client was down the first half of this week.

It's entirely possible this is Express VPNs fault, but at the same time i cannot even turn on the NY vpn client at all in merlin, so that seems to be a merlin issue. Other times everything appears to be running fine, but I'm simply not on the vpn for some unknown reason. Even with no DNS leaks, i was still showing my ISP IP earlier this week on my NJ VPN. I can't have this happening.

I'm wondering what other alternatives are out there for ISP anonymity as well as country spoofing. The latter i only need for NFL game pass international (need non-North American server). My express VPN is good through December, but I'd sign on for a different one now if they're the problem. I can deal with the 30Mbps downlink limit that's set in place by my router's processing abilities, but I'm not sure i can go much lower than that. I need something i can configure in Merlin or on a second router; i don't want to have to be turning it on/off with every use.