OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)


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Dec 5, 2010
You do not want open Internet access to the management interface unless you use a VPN router ex GLinet and Wireguard. With VPN you can even simply use SMB. If you want to use Apache you can configure at /var/web-gui/_my/tools/apache/httpd.conf

Without VPN enabling a webbased Amazon S3 compatible cloud (minIO) is faster and more secure


Nov 2, 2013
I have manually replicated a ZFS filesystem with all intermediary snaps to another host using zfs send. Is there any way to convert this manually replicated zfs filesystem into a scheduled replication using napp-it? Or do i have to start all over?


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Dec 5, 2010
A manual replication and a napp-it replication job do basically the same with one difference and this is the name of snaps. A manual replication job can use any snapnames while a napp-it replication job uses snap names with "repli", source/target and an ongoing number in the name.

To convert:
- create a replication job with same source/target (use -I if you want intermediate snaps or -r for all filesystems/snaps recursively)
- rename last source and target snaps accordingly
- start job, it should continue or give a snap error

If you are unsure about naming, create a test replication and use adjust names accordingly.
Feb 6, 2023
I have already started with this. :-/

It's driving me crazy. After spreading a whole 18 TB across x individual hard drives and USB sticks and uploading again almost completely it hangs again. 4 x resilvers on 5 disks I have never seen before....

root@aio-pod:~# zpool status -v smallpool
  Pool: smallpool
 status: DEGRADED
status: One or more devices are being reordered.  The pool will
        continue to function, possibly in a degraded state.
Action: wait for the resilver process to complete.
  scan: resilver in progress since Wed Mar 22 04:02:31 2023
        3.47T scanned at 24.1M/s, 3.21T output at 22.3M/s, 12.1T total.
        1.61T resilvered, 26.52% done, 4 days left 20:11:42

        smallpool DEGRADED 0 0 271
          raidz1-0 DEGRADED 0 0 630
            c1t6d0 DEGRADED 23 0 0 too many errors (re-silvering)
            c1t9d0 DEGRADED 2 0 5 too many errors (resilvering)
            spare-2 ONLINE 0 0 9
              c7t0d0 ONLINE 0 0 (resilvering)
              c1t8d0 ONLINE 0 0 (Resilvering)
            c1t10d0 ONLINE 0 0 0
        Spare parts
          c6t2d0 INUSE currently in use.

Errors: Permanent errors were detected in the following files:

        smallpool/backup@stuendlich-1578553078_2023. Job HP/Backup Job HP2019-10-09T071722.vib
        smallpool/backup@stuendlich-1578553078_2023. Job WS001/Backup Job WS0012019-01-07T040115.vbk

the corrupt files are only in snapshots I don't care about them the real file should still be intact. What are these <xyz>:<xyz> specifications for the corrupt files?

OmniOS runs in a VM with disk passed through from an LSI 2008 SAS HBA. Should I wait for the resilver or save the data again? Or pass the disks to the VM via USB? The disks have no problems according to the external S.M.A.R.T test.

By the way, the problem is probably more on my ESXi in the log:

2023-03-24T22:04:50.221Z: [scsiCorrelator] 122236088814us: [vob.scsi.scsipath.por] power-on reset occurred at vmhba2:C0:T1:L0
2023-03-24T22:05:01.222Z: [scsiCorrelator] 122247089178us: [vob.scsi.scsipath.por] power-on reset occurred on vmhba2:C0:T1:L0
2023-03-24T22:05:07.222Z: [scsiCorrelator] 122253089360us: [vob.scsi.scsipath.por] power-on reset occurred at naa.5000c500c3ff78ce
2023-03-24T22:05:17.222Z: [scsiCorrelator] 122263089687us: [vob.scsi.scsipath.por] power-on reset occurred at naa.5000c500c3ff78ce
2023-03-24T22:05:57.224Z: [scsiCorrelator] 122303091027us: [vob.scsi.scsipath.por] power-on reset occurred on vmhba2:C0:T1:L0
2023-03-24T22:06:06.224Z: [scsiCorrelator] 122312091328us: [vob.scsi.scsipath.por] power-on reset occurred at vmhba2:C0:T1:L0
2023-03-24T22:06:11.224Z: [scsiCorrelator] 122317091492us: [vob.scsi.scsipath.por] power-on reset occurred at naa.5000c500c3ff78ce
2023-03-24T22:06:20.474Z: [scsiCorrelator] 122326341814us: [vob.scsi.scsipath.por] power-on reset occurred at naa.5000c500c3ff78ce

Thanks in advance