Old Unreal engine 3 concept video- hint to Locust motivation in Gears of War

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Limp Gawd
Jun 10, 2004
Does anyone remember seeing the unreal engine 3 concept video that was taken by hand held camera and leaked out from E3 a few years ago? It was way before Gears of War came out. I just remember the Locust standing in a hallway with colored lights on him, and the giant walker thing walking over the camera. But there was something else- there were these three aliens that climb up out of the ground from a manhole, one stepping on the other's head. All the other models turned out to be creates in Gears of War, so I think that aliens are behind the locust horde. That is why they cannot stop fighting- aliens made them to take over the planet.

OK, that was my post on aliens in a video game. Going away now... :D
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