Old Skool vs. New Skool

Lee Enfield

Limp Gawd
Aug 30, 2004
I need to get a new mouse since this one pooped out on me after 4 loyal years of gaming. I've tried the Razor Boomerspeed aka Razor Boomslang. All I can say is YUCK, the thing is a POS in my opinion, it is so freaking big and heavy, I tried using it for gaming for a week and I just couldn't get use to it, also it is is a ball mouse not optical so the ball would get jammed or stuck when I was in a heated battle, etc. I'm wondering if I should go out and get another Microsoft Optical like I had or if I should get this one. From the looks of it, it looks just like my old microsoft mouse so what is your opinion? Anyone have one?
If the posts are any indication, a lot of folks here run the Logitech meece. I've got plain old M$ Vers. 1.1 optical mice at home and work. With some teflon tape (and a RatPadz at home) I have no complaints. A lot of folks really like the wireless versions, but I have to say they've never seemed appealing to me. Kind of the "...if it ain't broke, don't mess with it...." point of view.

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My fave is the Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer. If you would rather for price and feel, your first selection will be a good, reliable mouse.
I have the Razer Viper and I love it. This thing is awsome for gaming. I also had the original Boomslang and HATED it .
the Viper is much smaller, quicker, and a whole lot more accurate for gaming.
I also have used the MX series, and although its a great mouse, I prefer the Viper for my use. (mostly gaming)
i just got my razer diamondback yesterday... it's amazing... i had used the BFGTech Boomslang Sniper for years, but always hated that it was a ball mouse. nothing could come close as far a sensitivity goes and the on the fly sens changes helped my gaming a lot. the diamondback is basically the same mouse but completely optical... it's not heavy at all, and incredibly accurate.

at $70 tho it's kind of steep for a corded mouse... so i'd check out reviews on it first... or get one from a place htat has a generous return policy, but that goes for any peripheral you'll use on a daily basis
Yeah I'm trying to choose between the Razor Viper and the Razor Diamondback. What are there main differences? Would the extra 20$ extra be worth it for the Diamondback than the Viper? Thx for all the replies so far. :cool:
i got the diamondback because i heard about hitching problems in low sensitivities (which i have come accustomed to using in photoshop and maya) with the viper... plus i didn't like the shape or the feel of the buttons... but the diamondback looks, feels, and works great
I've got the old plain jane microsoft optical thing and for a cheap mouse, it gets the job done well. EXCEPT sometimes it just freaks out for a half a second, clicks all the buttons, and runs around the screen. I wonder if it's just mine being weird, or if all of them do this sometimes. Just know that it can get the job done. kindof. not really for games though I suppose. I need a new mouse.
I don't care what brand you choose, but you owe it to yourself to play around with all the mice you are considering purchasing. I bought a Logitech MX700 based on the seemingly unanimous recommendation of this forum, but found out I didn't like it at all. This is just one example, but I think mouse selection is a personal thing, and something you should consider before buying.
I use MX510 on Icemat black 2nd ed
I prefer "Nu skool" :D
I think you should also get MX510, it has small weight and is very comfortable!!!
Thx for all the replies. I'll definatly have to try out some of my friend's Logitech mice since I've heard alot of good feedback about them.
DirtyApe said:
what weight? the mx1000 is not heavy at all to me.

If you're used to a standard "old school" mouse, there is some adjustment to make with the weight of the Logitech MX700 or the new MX1000. Both are a lot heavier than standard M$ mice, mostly due to the batteries.

That being said though, if you want an *AWESOME* mouse for gamng and can handle the extra weight (you get use to it fast), get the MX1000 Laser Mouse. I've been using an MX700 for about a year, and just upgraded to the MX1000. It is simply unbelievable!!!