Old BioWare Has Become "A Distant Memory"

For many, Mass Effect IS John Shepard. The other characters can come and go but it was asinine to remove Shepherd and replace him with the Ryder characters.

I cannot disagree more with this quote. Mass Effect is the universe, the technology, and the lore. Shepard was a part in that and well is seen as the galatic hero.

There is plenty of room in the universe to tell other stories, to play other stories. Just like in Dragon Age, where you play the warden in the first game, hawke in the second, and the Inquisitor in the third.

These are stories set in universes, Mass Effect is a universe. The Ryder clan, they could have done more with. Honestly though, having beaten Andromeda fully, I think they accomplished most of what they wanted to with the Ryder clan. I cared about them by the end.

I didnt care about much of anything else, and others have described the problem with the story/villan/companions/SJW bullshit end on end. But in short, Andromeda has promise, it really wasnt that bad of a game. It deserved the score it got, but to me it reminds me of the original Mass Effect. Flawed but in the other way, The original mass effect story was amazing, but the combat was flawed. In Andromeda it was the combat that was damn near perfect, but the story was flawed. Nevertheless, in the end I have to admit, this was a game as a fan of the series I liked.

I see promice in Andromeda. That being said, my only comment on the origional Mass Effect trilogy is, they need to pick an ending, and have that resonate through to Andromeda 2. oh... and f!#$%!% fix femryder face.
In other news, water is wet.

Bioware has had a few decent titles since DAO and ME2, but they never again reached those heights, and it's been a decade!
BioWare ceased being the studio that built its reputation as something impressive after the release of Dragon Age: Origins, and maybe Mass Effect 2 (though ME2 is a pretty straight-forward shooter and perhaps shows the BioWare touch as being on its way out). After that,BioWare has stood for little more than bland and uninspired corporate paste.

Dragon Age: Origins is BioWare's swan song.

Not to mention the founders of the studio, who left in 2012: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/bioware-founders-retire/1100-6396699/

I'm guessing that a part of the reason why they left is because EA's influence was increasingly stifling what games they could make and how they could make games.

Of course, their direction might have played a big role in BioWare's decline (aside from their choice to sell to EA in the first place), and the decline of BioWare was in strong effect by 2012 with ME 2 being a mostly-linear action game devoid of BioWare's trademark RPG heritage, Dragon Age 2 being a low-content action-based dud, and The Old Republic being yet another 'me too' MMORPG and not living up to people's hopes for the Old Republic series.

However, 2009's Dragon Age: Origins (which started design in 2002 and was shown at E3 2004 and 2008) is likely the last game that BioWare designed independently of EA, which bought BioWare in 2007.

Agreed. I said this before in another Bioware topic and got the typical, Give-them-a-chance response. What some people fail to understand is those of us like you and I have given them 10 years of chances. Also, we watched as more and more talent headed for the door. How much of the 2009 Bioware crew we knew is left now? Serious question to the apologists out there. How much of Bioware's original talent is left there and not replaced with new robots?
don;t care what you say, DA:I with expansions was fun, and we get to explore MANY different worlds and get to make decisions that affect the story (choose melee or magic allies, for instance).

Bioware died finishing Andromeda.....
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EA has killed another one

Agreed. I wouldn't fault Bioware as much as I would EA. Bioware has turned to sh-t just like all the other companies EA gobbles up and vomits out. The only reason EA is still around is because the ignorant masses keep ignorantly buying their games thinking: "This one's it! This one will be better! EA promised!"
Bioware is failing to deliver because of bleeding talent (like you said), because of EA's policies. For example EA trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. (e.g. designing multi player focused games for a single player focused studio) EA is bleeding them dry.

Also, forcing all EA games to run on Frostbyte Engine is dumb... yeah the games look pretty but again forcing developers to use the same game engine takes away from the game sometimes... I think it the developers have the freedom to use whichever engine they want or develop their own engines it would improve the quality of the games and maybe less bugs... Although, I know nothing about development, I do find EA games starting to all look the same...
Bioware should stick to their Roots could you imagine how Baldurs Gate 10 would look by now?
The death of Bioware has come in two steps. Bioware itself is responsible for the first step, taking on the Star Wars: The Old Republic project. The company was not in a good position to take on a project that different from previous work as well as the scope of the project. Thus, this led to the purchase of Bioware by EA because Bioware really didn't have a choice. There was no way Bioware would be able to complete SWTOR as well as the other projects in the works.

The second step was what everyone knew EA would do to Bioware. EA buys game studios and then squeezes out every last drop of short term usefulness and then tosses the dead husk aside. No game companies survive this because EA's business model destroys creativity and risk taking. With no real creativity or risk taking you don't get any new ideas and concepts. This also affects the talent. The talent behind the original successes always ends up leaving. They can't create, innovate and take risks as they did before and leave because of this. The primary talent didn't join the original company just so they could rehash the same game over and over again and once the original talent starts to leave they are screwed because you're not going to draw new talent equal to the old talent. It's a simple death spiral which practically everyone saw coming as soon as EA bought Bioware.

My only real surprise is that any part of Bioware is still around at this point.
hehe, swgoh is filthy as fuck. literally cost 2-300 usd for 1x 7* hero, and u dont even get gear or gold to lvl it. and u normally need like 4-5 of them to join the competative bracket of pay to win ranked games :p EA is probably the one who push for multiplayer in bioware games for that micro transaction play. they didnt get away with swbf2 cause ppl on pc know better, but they should have seen swgoh it's super predatory. i play it on a f2p basis and enjoying top ranks there atm with revan second coming, but the competative aspect is simply have or have not. EA dont get it, red dead 2 is a prime example of, they dont get it. do well and u earn even more.