OK GOOGLE not working in YT Music... help?


Nov 13, 2004
I've just spent several hours searching the net and kept finding instructions telling me to change settings that don't exist.... (my guess is the pages are outdated)

Out of all the fixes, all I could do was disable S-Voice (which wasn't even setup) and retrain my voice. When I did this, I managed twice to activate OK GOOGLE while YTMusic was running, but when I said "pause the music" (and the second time just "pause") it did nothing (but the visual output on the screen showed it understood the command) and ever since it has ignored "OK GOOGLE" and "HEY GOOGLE" entirely inside YT Music.

Any suggestions? I really liked how Amazon/Alexa worked when playing music, but I don't want to spend the double-fee to have full access to Amazon's library... not to mention Youtube has a MUCH larger library (especially of indy artists) but to do so I need OK GOOGLE to work in YT Music so I can use it when driving....

I even went so far as to completely wipe my device (including dalvik/cache/data) and installed a new ROM (Cyanogen Mod) but it still doesn't work in YT Music... T_T

Thoughts? Suggestions?