OG Box and Accesories kit for GPU, Mobos worth anything?


Limp Gawd
Mar 10, 2019
So from what I can see on ebay cards with the OG box and driver CD and stuff like that sell for extra. That would imply the box and manuals is worth something no?

I am trying my hand at building a PC with shiny RGB lights (doubles the sale price on ebay...) for profit. I will have a lot of left over boxes and accesories! How much does this stuff go for? No one seems to sell it.

What do you think, a $500 card's box and shit should be worth 30 40 bucks no?


[H]ard as it Gets
Feb 1, 2005
First off, there is virtually no money to be made selling computers on ebay. By the time you get done paying Paypal and ebay fees you're only getting 85% of what they purchased it for. Then you have the liability involved with people who don't know what they are doing and claim you sold them a defective product.

But more to your question, it could be to the right buyer. But the kind of people who love boxes also love the serial number on the box to match the card they have.