Official Phenom and AM2/AM2+ Overclocking Guide

I was told this is still quite similar for AM3 OCing
hoping that's the case becuase this is the best writeup i can find on [H]

thanks OP
Thanks for the guide. Nice work! I will definitely look this over again and again. Keep up the good work.
Great guide you built for all man!!!!!

I am sure that will/has helped a ton of people :)
Nice guide. I just got my hands on a Phenom II, and I'm going to overclock it.
How much can I OC a 1090t safely with the stock cooler without worrying about degrading its lifespan and/or burning it out?
I've seen the exact same guide at 10 different other sites. Hats off to the OP for his effort and trying to make it simple as possible for users.

Psyclone how many forums do you belong to lol.
I used this guide, and it helped me get some extra power out of my Phenom 9600 Black Edition.
Nice guide. I'm going to play around with overclock/unlocking my 550BE. This guide will help me a lot!
This guide is really helping me out. I've only oc'ed the simple 775 intels, these new AMDs are quite the new game in town. Thanks for making this so much easier.