**OFFICIAL MSI 975X Powerup Edition Thread**

For some reason, the on-board audio doesn't recognize the front headphone and mic ports. When I plug them in to the back ports, it recognizes them but programs don't. By that I mean the box pops up confirming what you plugged in and when I speak in to the mic I can hear it through the speakers, but programs don't recognize it. I installed BF2142 yesterday and when it got to where you set up your mic speaking in to it, it didn't receive anything. I had the same problem when I installed my Logitech web cam. Both the headset and the mic that is built-in to the web cam weren't recognized. Any idea what the problem is? So far, I'm hating the on-board audio.
Well I don't know if this is the solution but I know I had a problem with the audio output - some sounds would play but in games certain kinds of sounds would either not be produced or I couldn't hear them - somehow in the "Realtek HD Audio Manager" program one of those buttons on the bottom of the "Sound Effect" tab got pushed, either the one that is a headphones with a box with an 'x' inside or maybe it was the "dolby pro logic" button... anyway I disabled them all and magically the sound started working perfectly again. It's not a very intuitive program and I wouldn't be surprised if your issue has to do with one of the settings.
Thanks for the reply. I checked and the "headphone" box was highlighted so I turned that off, but I still don't get anything out of my front inputs. It's odd; if I unplug my speaker that is hooked in to the back, it usually recognizes the front inputs. Otherwise, it doesn't.

I have question about Mobo 975x.
My specs:
Pentium Core 2 Duo 4300 1.8Ghz FSB 800
Zalman 9700 Led Blue (110mm)
MSI 975x Platinum v.2
Mem 2x1GB OCZ Heatpipe CAS 4-4-4-15 1T, DDR 2 800 (PC6400)
eVGA Geforce 8600GT

I will buy new hard drive SATA, Sound Card X-FI XtremerGamer, Power Supply and DVD-RW ;)

Still I have not used 975x because i haven't power supply, hard drive, etc.. so my new computer's incomplete. :(

but I was reading about article review 975x, specifications and forums says that The default setting for DDR2 800 is DDR2 667 when my processor run FSB 800 Mhz.

MSI Reminds You...
• DDR2 800 can only achieve 800MHz with FSB 1066 Conroe CPU.
• The default setting for DD2 800 is DDR2 667, which can be adjusted manually.



So how I can change my memory 667 to 800? or I must buy another processor Core 2 Duo that has FSB 1066 for memory can run DDR2-800? :confused: :confused: :confused:

Other question?
Which is best the bios for MSI 975x? (Better stability,and Better Overclocking) :confused:

Thank you

Just got the mobo a few days ago and ran in to a problem:
The damn thing wont boot, doesnt even post.

It starts up fine, with all the fans etc. on, stays on for like 5 seconds and shuts down, boots again, shuts down, boots again etc.

The top 2 lights on the d-bracket switch from red to green a couple of times.

Ive tried all that I can think of, so all help would be appriciated.


MSI 975x Powerup
Core 2 Duo E6420
G.skill DDRII 800Mhz
Sapphire x1950 GT 512 MB
LC-Power 550w Green Giant (works fine with my old setup)

Ive also tried to boot with just the mobo and cpu, but it still does the same dang thing.
I have solved most problems i have had with this board except this one,
When i boot into Windows 80% of the time it just freezes, requring a re-boot where upon it will boot and run windows perfect in safe mode!
I am running stock speeds FFS...
Initially i thought it was RAM but i Got hold of some generic ram and it was worse than with the OCZ (i know there have been problems...) I have adjusted the voltage in the bios but it didn't really help...
Then i thought power, but my power supply although bad gives 27A on +12 V rail, 28A on the 5V rail and 18A on the 3.3 rail. Not peak values either... That should be enough right? I know its bad and i will get a new one i am thinking Enermax liberty 620W, any other recommendations?
Because it boots into safe mode perfectly everytime i now think its a driver issue. Can anyone see any compatability issues with my hardware, besides the ram, i am not too interested in clocking it to the max anyhow, and any known driver issues with what i have got, i have no other programs running at startup or installed for that matter...

Thank you in advance for any help
Please ask if you need any more info!


My setup;

MSI 975X Powerup Edition...
Pentium D 930
1gb matched pair OCZ Platinum
Sapphire HD 2600 XT
500GB Seagate SATA drive
Optaric optical drive
405W (500 peak) power supply
Is anyone else having problems using Live Update with Vista 32....and if you are how did you get your BIOS to update ?
Cooling is the issue. Still running hot after reseating the OEM CPU HS-Fan.

Any recommendations for an aftermarket HSF combination for the Intel Core Duo on MSI 975X ? Fan size seems to matter, any issues with clearance on this mobo for some of the bigger units?
because this is such an old motherboard and no longer fully supported, how am I supposed to find appropriate network drivers for windows 7 x64?