OCZ Barebone - Laptop Questions.


Jan 31, 2006
I'm a complete laptop noob, my main question is - Is this a good price for a laptop of with these specs? How is the 8600M GT for gaming, would I be able to play future games like starcraft2 and diablo3, maybe even rage or the new wolfenstein on this? I think it'd be cool not to have to remove all the bloatware and stuff from it, just install the OS and go. Good deal or not?

OCZ OCZNBIS15DIYA1 Intel PM965 15.4" DIY Gaming Notebook - Retail $749.99 ($649.99 with rebate)
Intel PM965 nVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT with 512MB DDR2 Video Memory 15.4" DIY Gaming Notebook
(No HDD, Memory, processor, or Operating System)

Western Digital Scorpio Black 320gb 7200rpm $179.99

G.SKILL 4gb 667mhz $84.99

Intel Core 2 Duo T9300 2.5ghz $319.00

Total Price: $1,333.97
Price after rebate: $1,233.97


Sep 27, 2004
The 8600M GT is fairly poopy. Dont expect to play modern games, like the ones you mentioned, at decent settings, you'll have to crank down the rez and such to get it to run smoothely.

Just because it has GT in the name, doesnt mean much. You're bottlenecked at the GPU here, awesome processor, overkill ram, 7200 RPM drive, but that video chipset/GPU is poopy.


Supreme [H]ardness
Feb 20, 2007
Agreed with all of the above, I was excited when I heard about a "Barebone" laptop that you could add all your own things... but it comes with an 8600GT, so meh... plus it's pretty expensive for what you get.

Take a look at the Gateway model, or even the 6860FX if it goes on clearance soon. Still a great laptop for the money, but the 7811FX will have a bit more so you won't have to really upgrade anything, faster processor, nice high res screen, etc.