OCZ 2x1gb and MSI K8N Neo2 Plat. Help!


Limp Gawd
Jan 31, 2005
I just got 2x1gb of OCZ Performance PC3200 from Newegg, part number OCZ4002048PFDC-K. It seems fine and dandy at stock settings. 2.6v 200mhz 3 3 3 8 1T. However it will only do about 209mhz stable. I have tried everything from different timings, 2T command rates and different voltages, all of them 1 at a time. Just like you should. It just doesnt seem to like my setup.

Newegg link to the OCZ I have.

MSI K8N Neo2 platinum bios 1.8
Venice core 3000+ 01517APCW

My psu looks good on all the rails, everything is running nice and cool. Ive ran Samsung tccd with my setup with no problems at 250mhz, so I know everything should be up to the task. I even had my old crappy Ultra brand 2x512mb sticks running at 221 stable.

Does this OCZ just not like the NF3 chipset or my Venice or what?

I tried the OCZ in my Nforce2 board with my 3200XP and it failed memtest bigtime at the stock settings. But it will pass memtest at stock settings with the K8N Neo2 plat.

Its really wierd, am I missing something? Should I just RMA this ram or what?

Everything I read on this ram said should be at least able to hit about 220mhz with it. Am I wrong?


Sep 21, 2003
Unfortunately, it does run at it's stock guaranteed speeds. You probably won't get an RMA, as it sounds like it won't go as high as you'd like. Although, OCZ is good about RMA's for stuff, maybe they'll do it?