NZXT Phantom 820 Full-Tower Case Review @ [H]

The fans that does NOT c/w the cases, where do you buy them? And is there a list of those extra fans part no.?

I'm not sure what you're asking here. You can use any fan that you want, purchase them from wherever you want.

1 other some what unrelated matter: is any of the NZXT power supply c/w silent fan? for e.g., the HALE82N 550W, and is there any power supply less than 550W?

We don't offer any PSU's lower than 500w and you'll hear your case fans way before you ever hear a PSU fan.
I'm not sure what you're asking here. You can use any fan that you want, purchase them from wherever you want.

the 820 only c/w a few fans inside the case. But you can add about 5 to 6 extra fans. What is the part no. of those fans, especially the bigger fans?

would you know by chance which 1 of those fans are fluid bearing fans?

Also, you said you started a project, is it that link on Project 12?

I have re-read this review the 2nd time. Something wasn't clear:

1) We know you can add a few optional fans on this unit. But do you have to add NZXT fans? As Noctua 140 mm fan are far more quiet and give much better CFM, and a longer MTBF

2) there is actually 2 different NZXT 200 mm fans,

i) the 1st 1 is silent, 20 dB, 89.5 CFM

the 2nd 1 is 37.25 dB, 166.2 CFM

which fan(s) are install in the 820 case?

Also, could some1 explain:

The four 200mm fans are reversible

why would you want to reverse them? For what purpose?
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The Fan that comes with the 820 is actually the FZ200mm fan. And you can use any fan that you'd like.
Thanks, that's news to me. I thought the idea of ATX case is to have the front, side, and bottom fans Push cold air in, and the rear, or perhaps the top as well to Pull air out. So I suppose w/ Reverse, I can see the top fan be benefit from it
I just got this case in yesterday and wanted to test the built in LED system to make sure it all worked ok before throwing all my main parts in. I cannot get the LED light system to come on at all. I connected the 4-pin molex to a PSU and the fans come on just fine. I can use the top control panel to turn down the fan speed without issue as well. I traced a round cord that goes into the main control panel in the front which appeared to be a USB. I connected that to my motherboard and the LED lights inside still don't work.

Wanted to check here first to make sure I wasn't doing anything else wrong...otherwise this is getting sent back to Amazon for a replacement.
PM the NZXT rep. on this thread. As he doesn't check this thread.


I also have an unrelated question: Do I have to connect the SD reader connection at the front? As I never use SD reader
It doesnt matter how its facing. I would rather have it facing down blowing air out of the case, instead of right into my GPU.

I think any of those PSU is sucking whatever air is in the case, then into the PSU, then push it out thru the rear of the PSU.

Anyhoo, can you tell me is there rubber grommets btwn. all the fans and the metal case of phantom 820?
I would like to bring out other issues I have w/ the phantom 820, and see if you people have the same problems:

1) 1 of the problem is the 3.5" drive mount tray, look at this photo:

On the left, is an Antec P100, P280 rail / tray, it fits 3.5" or 2.5" SSD very nicely. You notice I circle the little click that allows you to click onto the edge of the vertical tower, just like the NZXT tower. I use these tray on Antec P100, P280 tower, never have any problems w/ all the cases that I built.

On the right, is the NZXT rail, but almost all of them comes in curved. (circled) so I can fit a 3.5" hard drive just fine, but when I slide in my 2.5" SSD, because the end of the NZXT plastic tray is curved, the little click can't click to the edge of the tower. So the whole tray actually fail off, and doesn't stay on the tower rack like the way the Antec P280 does.

2) unusual metal cracking sound: regardless whether the PC is on or off, every so often, there is metal cracking sound. This appear to be thin, cheap metal. So heat loss / heat gain cause the metal to contract or expand, and thus, the cracking sound. Sometimes, after I turn off the PC before I go to bed, I can hear cracking sound in the next afternoon even the PC is off, in fact, from the evening till the next afternoon, the PC is OFF.

3) I bought them in November 2013, but it sits in a box until Jan. 2014. During installation, I notice the top filter is wrapped. Now, it took them a lot time for the filter replacement, but the problem is, the ones they sent back is ALSO wrapped. So there is a gap in some part of the filter, and dust can come in. The filter should be flat.

4) As to the fan, 7 mth. in the use of this case, the NZXT fan controller can no longer turn to low, like it used to. Call them, and this is the list of phone calls:

a) the 1st person said he has a unit that he will run some test, and he'll run it for a few days, then mail it to me if the fan runs fine.

b) a few wk. later, when nothing arrives, call back, the lady who answer the phone said it's mail out, that I should get it very soon

c) a few wk. later, when nothing arrives, call back, this time, whoever answer the phone talks like a lawyer. This thing said "I don't know who you talk to, but nothing was shipped out. We have a shortage of this fan at china. He then said "the previous person said IF it runs fine, he'll send it to you, since he didn't send it, that means the fan didn't run fine. The shipment from china will arrive in ???, and we'll ship it to you."

d) last week, I call again, this time, a lady answer, and said "we shipped that out today"


So I have no fan for over 4 mth., and this co. is clearly run by a bunch of pathetic, trailer trashes, w/ no respect on consumers. Avoid them like Ebola
So here's an update, a "replacement" fan controller has arrived the other week. As I expect, it doesn't work. This co. NZXT is sickening and pathetic.

The original fan controller that only last 4 months cannot be set at the low level, i.e. the silent level. This replacement fan controller can, but it does NOT spin ANY fan at start up. In other words, all the fan has to be manually turn on, EACH TIME I turn on the PC, by pressing the pause button, and set the speed by pressing the + or - button. If I don't press the Pause button, all the fans sit at idle

The LED lights no longer works, in the past w/ the other defective fan controller, I can change the LED color, now, it's fixed at a white light at the top, but w/ a green light at the side. Must be because it's christmas, that NZXT sent a fan controller that yields different color, just for the holidays spirit

So after waiting for 5+ mth., all I get is a defective fan controller. And this co. has make it clear that their fan controller doesn't work, so I'm going to cut my losses and spend $110 for a Lamptron 6 level controller. That's my total loss.

and while I'm at it, those drive bay that arrive 1 yr. ago, are all wrapped. As you can see, all 4 of them is curved, so when you install an SSD, the top bay falls to the next one, as it can't click on. The 3.5" hard drive can fit very nicely, but none of my SSD can fit in.