Nvidia Shield, ASRock AB350 Pro4 mobo, 8GB DDR4, 256gb pci-e/nvme MP981 combo


Limp Gawd
Dec 7, 2014
Shield is Sold


The ASRock AB350 is fresh back from RMA, I';ve put it in the original box, you get the manual, sata cable, back plate and some circle looking object.
RAM is 8GB 2x4gb Geil 19200, 16-16-16-36, works fine, just upgraded to 16GB.
SSD is 256GB Samsung PM981 fresh pull from razer blade 15" as part of SSD upgrade

mobo/ram/ssd is a combo for SOLD shipped. Not looking to split up.

heat is under atc9001

Thanks! IMG-2666.JPG IMG-2665.JPG IMG-2664.JPG
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Perhaps put "FS" in your title, and perhaps suggest some prices you would like to sell them for?

Just suggestions.... :)
can't edit the title unfortunately!...dont want to split up so selling all for $90!
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