NVIDIA Readying 10GB, 12GB, and 16GB Variants of RTX 4070

Shhhhh! Don't give nVIDIA any ideas! :ROFLMAO:
I think this is already their idea, there is too much of last gens stuff floating around new and used both AMD and Nvidia are in the unfortunate position of having to seriously compete with their own equipment. They are both in damage control mode trying to not get sued by their various investors or their own board, gotta protect those margins and bonuses.
VR I think will change this. Of course, that's a complex hardware game but the bottom line is where the average gamer wouldn't need more than a 4K monitor, a "mainstream" VR headset is going to need 8K just to do 4k in each eye. I've thrown 8K textures down in VR and they do make a difference if you have a quality headset.
Not saying we are there yet but it's one of those areas, like power supplies, where the "traditional" limits are getting tossed out the window a bit sooner than one might expect.
The 4080 and even 4090 get stressed enough driving a Valve Index at 90 Hz in certain titles (especially stuff like DCS, NMS and especially MSFS2020 that wasn't originally designed with VR in mind) - what chance do the higher-res HMDs even have until PSVR2-style foveated rendering + eye tracking becomes a standard feature?

This is part of the reason I'm in no hurry to replace the Index, even if its resolution limitations are apparent. The 4080 just barely scrapes by under the reprojection threshold doing free flights in DCS as it is.

I'm definitely hoping for rapid GPU improvement here, as the 4080 finally makes what I'd consider "entry-level" VR performance for DCS viable... and it's still a $1,200 MSRP GPU.