NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Nerfs Not Only Ethereum Hash Rate But Also Other Coin Algorithms


Feb 3, 2014
I agree, It's been awhile since this was a thing (and still likely is). I haven't tested it in awhile.
My last attempt was last summer when I was rebuilding an old server for myself to use as my remote work station, I was trying to decouple myself from my job on my laptop so that way if I do get hacked they get me and not my position, so from their standpoint I am just a regular shmoe with no access to anything fun. Anyways built it up with server 2019 LTSB and tossed in an rx 580 I had kicking around so that way it could at least handle the recording software and such for the security cameras and have decent video capabilities because remote work or not trying to do anything on the built-in ASPEED graphics chip in the box is an absolute nightmare. So anyways the drivers wouldn't install at all, just kept throwing me out, swapped it for a friends 1060 3gb and that installed fine, but it only works locally if you try to use any of its features when connected via RDP suddenly the OS doesn't recognize it only the ASPEED. And that's where NVidia's VDI licensing kicks in but fortunately, there was a workaround for that using some old ass drivers and a bit of a registry tweak but yeah fast forward a year and I just got a Quadro P620 for the box because it was a nightmare to keep working in any meaningful way.
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Nov 29, 2004
Doing complex memory reads of near-random access patterns for evaluating algorithms. I used to be able to do it on existing hardware, and now Nvidia wants me to buy "special" hardware to do it...

Once again, AMD has NOTHING to do with this conversation. You can't make AMD the boogeyman for every problem you have. The real problem is Nvidia nerfing their consumer lineup for essentially no good reason other than artificial product segmentation.
You will have to go re-read my post, and find where I make AMD the "boogeyman" and then point it out to me. As I said no such thing.
GPUs... Why is doing GPU compute for AI research any more valid then calculating block chain.. or for that mater why is calculating RT in Blender any more valid I mean Nvidia markets a completely different line of product for exactly that use. What I calculate on MY processors is no business of the companies I purchase hardware from...
I agree completely, that what you do with a consumer does with a card after purchase is their own business.

Doesn't really apply when you know ahead of time what the Hash rate is going to be on a 3080Ti card. And you can STILL buy it and mine on it if you want.
Being dis-incentivized to buy it for that purpose, BEFORE you make the purchase? Fine by me.

It's the best choice in a shit filled sack situation. Remember, it's a free market. You are completely free to buy something totally different.


I want one to play games on, I will pay $1200 for it, and fuck all of you miners... go buy something else. Miners may not have caused the shitstorm, don't care. Buy something else. No one likes nVidia anyway right?? Go buy an AMD 6900XT, you can find those for $2000. Sure, it's expensive, but fuck nVidia! Or if you are really rich, start a new GPU company! You know, you can outsource board design, chip manufacturing, and driver programming, so all you need is lots of talent and brains. You can use my garage. Make that GPU company we can all get behind and love, that mines 485Mh on a $499 card. Do it because cards should have NEVER exceeded that price in the first place, I mean c'mon. Make them perform AMAZING on AI, and datacenter supercomputer use cases, graphic design, with Turbo mining capability for all of the popular coins. You would be much loved for saving the world, that's all the reward you need!

Oh, and while doing all of that, you might as well cure cancer too. Which is easy-peasy compared to cramming all of those petaflops into a $499 price-point. GO TEAM!


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Feb 8, 2016
You’ve never tried installing an AMD Radeon card in a server before. Drivers won’t install at all, just throws error about the OS not being supported with that hardware and kills the installer out the gate.
I have... and I think your experience must be an old one. :) (having said that most people I have worked with buy workstation cards... because yes tend to be more reliable and for some uses ECC memory is a requirement.


AMD Radeon™ Graphics Support Starting in 19.Q2, AMD is including Radeon products in our Enterprise driver. This is being done in consideration of the fact that enterprises use both professional, commercial, and consumer hardware. This driver is recommended for Radeon hardware being used in commercial use cases with productivity applications. This includes users who need to review CAD data as part of their workflow. It is not recommended for gaming. Workstation performance, features, and application certifications do not apply to Radeon hardware and no end user benefit will be observed without Radeon Pro hardware.


PS... saw your follow up. Ya not sure exactly why you ran into problems. Old version of the drivers perhaps ? not sure.