nvidia + bravia 40w000 = bad combo ?


Oct 14, 2007
I've connected my gtx260 to a 40inch HDTV last week through a 5M dvi -> hdmi cable, here are 2 issues that i can't see to solve them even after hours and hours of google-ing

1) RGB setting : as we all know since nvidia released forceware 177.xx we are finally able to choose wether we would like 16-235 or 0-255 during video playback, problem is that the blacks on desktop photos games etc are still crushed, tried a little bit of batman demo on 1920*1080 and it look like ass compared to the console versions because blacks were way off no matter the settings

My tv does NOT cope well with rgb full / expanded settings, i need rgb limited/standard just like in ps3/360 for EVERYTHING not just videos.

2) fake audio signal through dvi : yes you heard that right, my card is outputing a null digital audio signal to my tv so its analog inputs will be muted as long as i keep the dvi->hdmi cable connected, i've found this fix ( http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=88391 ) on nvidia forums but unfortunately it doesn't work on newer drivers, I've sent an email to nvidia driver feedback staff but no reply yet ...

Any ideas ? if i use an ATI card will I be able to get rid of those problems ?
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