NV Surround with 980 ti SLI settings not saving after reboot


Oct 4, 2002
Hi all.
I just switched from AMD R9 290x Crossfire to 2 980 TI SLI.

Here's my problem, after setting up the surround with 3 panels and reboot, the system revert back to extended desktop with 1 monitor being off.

I am following the port guide according to this link.


It seems that no matter what I do, the monitor that is on the 2nd card is not kicking back on until I reconfigure SLI after the reboot.

Any suggestion?

I have cleaned the system with DDU and is using the latest nvidia driver.

I have tried every possible combo of cable, 2 DP & 1 DVI, 3 DP port cables etc still no luck.

Have anyone have this issue or got a clue on how to fix it short of a fresh install and that still doesn't seem to guarantee a fix.

Thank you.
Hi Igg,

I found your thread searching for solutions as I have the very same issue, two EVGA 980ti ACX SC and 3 x 1080p 120hz Samsung S27A950D monitors. Every restart I have to start from scratch and set up surround. Sometimes not all screens are detected.

Before this I was running 2 x 780's connected with DVI-D cables without any issues, same screens.

I tried connecting all three monitors on the same card using three displayport cables-as if I was running 2D surround on one card-give a look on the page you linked; this seems to work OK, only tested it in GTA V but both cards seem to be within 5% GPU usage according to EVGA Precision. Not sure if it matters connecting the screens this way, will have to wait and see how it works in other games...

Have you had any luck sorting yours?
No luck so far even after W7 or W10 ;/

Seems to be an issue with DP cables perhaps.

Because when I was running dvi, it was no problem but the new cards don't have enough connectors.
It very well could be your cables. I've run 120Hz Surround on SLI 980Tis and SLI Titan X, with both 2xDP+1xDVI and 3xDP configs, and never had a problem with it enabling properly.
I have no problem with it enabling.
It seems to lose the setting after every reboot ;/
I hate to embrace my inner necrophile but I have to ask: did you ever figure this out? I moved from a Radeon to a GF1060FE and really regretting it. Eyefinity works great, no issues. NV Surround is a cheap imitation, there's no way they tested this. Exact same issue as you had exactly 2 years ago on my setup. Latest WHQL 382.33, three Dell U2414H panels (DP1.2) all DisplayPort direct to monitor as per NV's requirement. Another Eyefinity perk, you can use DisplayPort MST/daisy chain if you want, not so with NV Surround.

My plan is to just get Vega and go back to AMD until NV gets their drivers sorted out. Not sure what alternative I have. I've tried everything one could imagine, it's just shoddy.