North Dallas, Texas - Looking for home network installer

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    Apr 13, 2010
    I just moved into a home in the North Dallas area, and I need to install some network cabling from a closet to several rooms using Cat 6a cable (in case I decided to go with 10GB intranet). From my estimation, I would need the following:

    • Closet - 2 Network Connections for alarm system (temporarily using a TP link). Only one is needed, but its a good idea to set up a backup connection.
    • Master Bedroom - 3 Network connections + Outdoor Antenna
    • Office - 8 Network connections
    • Kitchen - 2 Network connections
    • Game Room - 6 Network connections + 2 Outdoor Antenna
    The network equipment is in a closet attached to the game room. I will be providing the following for install:
    • Network rack (size TBD, will discuss)
    • 24 Port Patch Panel
    • 24 Port Gigabit switch
    • CVO for connecting to the office
    • Rack UPS (this will probably be added later)
    The home is a single story with attic space. I only work with licensed contractors.