Normal temps on a overclocked 1080


Apr 13, 2006
I have a Zotac Amp edition 1080 that I have overclocked to 2050 boost clocks and I see the card sustains that but I noticed the gpu temp reaches about 80 degrees Celsius and I am wondering if that is a ok temp for these gpu's or not. I figured most of you have owned one long enough by now to have a good idea on normal thermals. Oh and the fans are at 100 percent but they are pretty quiet I still cant really hear them at that speed.
That temp is ok, however you could probably lower it by improving your case's airflow. Keep in mind that that card is dumping heat directly into the case so more fans may equal lower temps.

For comparison I have a Zotac 1080FE in a P182SE, I maintain boost clocks of 1950 at 75% fan speed and my temps hit 78c. Quite an old case with a blower style card in it. I have 2 x 120mm intake fans in front and 2 x 120mm exhaust.
I figured better case airflow would help, one bad thing about video card heatsinks that dump heat into the case. It seems my thermals are pretty close to yours as well, thanks for info HotShotMedic. Perhaps I will think about adding it into my water cooling loop.