NordVPN Allegedly Resells User Bandwidth According to Texas Lawsuit

I just started using NordVPN as my first VPN. I paid $99 for 3 years and now I see this news.

How worried should I be? Is my data and traffic still protected?
If I only turn it on when I need it, should I be that concerned about my bandwidth being co-opted?

Please pretend that I know nothing about VPN related things and stuff.


Free HolaVpn actually did this and was documented and proven. There is currently no evidence proton mail or Nord are running that type of shared resources vpn.

PIA vpn seems to be behind these accusations, and they made a similair claim against proton mail and their free proton vpn which afaik was never proven.

Personally I'm waiting for to weigh in on this and/or some sort of proof to surface that nord/protonvpn are running a holavpn type operation. For now It's just been guilt by association. I continue using my nord vpn while I monitor this situation.

That said tessonet thing is big red flag and a shitty company to be in bed with
Legit concern and i will not renew my Nord. I also wont use PIA again unless they turn out to be proven right.


I am in same boat, I passed up others and went with Nord because I could pay with a subway giftcard and they had a solid mobile app. Prepaid visa are very hit or miss and you dont know until you shelled out the cash.

Torrent freak has long had reviews of Nord and never mentioned any concerns.

Previously there was an vpn called holavpn offered a free vpn service that actually ran like something between a botnet and torrent client. This got discovered and proven.

Sorry for terrible quality, long posts are a PITA to write out on mobile.
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What I'm gathering from the article the Nord VPN Application is the potential risk factor for end users of this VPN. Would using OpenVPN or at router vpn configuration in tandem with the NordVPN servers circumvent that risk?
I see a lot of outrage over it but how many people are actually against pirating? That is the main purpose of having VPN.

This is just yet another example of it is not a problem unless it affect me.
Anybody know anything about TorGuard?

actually from what i was reading in an article somewhere was that air vpn and one other company (can't remember off the top of my head) being the only trust-able vpn providers in existence. so you may want to look at air vpn.

I will try and find the article, they had a chart of like 20+ vpn's and all the security concern's (like logs kept, etc) next to them w/ checkboxes. and like i said it was only air and one other that passed w/ flying colors.

edit: ok the two and
Usually when something gets this popular it's bullshit. There's a new VPN service with a shit name every day.
I've used both Air VPN and iVPN for years and they are both awesome. Air VPN seems to really be on top of things although they aren't quite as fast when connecting from the US as iVPN is, although iVPN is more expensive.
I use Airvpn and am happy, htough yes it is a bit slow in US. Highly recommended. Higher-ish learning curve to use because it doesn't have a super slick app for mobile (or desktop); they're fairly buggy for me and I end up using openvpn and profiles.

I also got nordvpn on promotion. The app for desktop and mobile are nice and really make using it easy. Now reading this, even if they aren't doing anything, being associated with a company that clearly does shady crap means I'm gonna drop them.

I'm thinking about trying azirevpn because they support the new wireguard vpn. Anyone have experience with them?
NordVPN is a reliable VPN, pretty sure the claims against them are garbage. It sucks another shady company is trying to knock other companies down to make theirs look better.
Would trust NordVPN over almost all other VPNs.


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Why is the fucking world so evil? Literally every damn inch of it

Corporate and Governmental greed.

But I still laugh when people tell me that they use XYX VPN provider because they do not perform logging of customer activity. Believe that and you'll believe anything.
Anybody know anything about TorGuard?

It seems that TorGuard or one of its affiliates is involved in this gossip show. Here’s an article showing what is happening behind the scenes of the VPN industry. Wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest.

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The most interesting thing to me is that after reading all of this, that is in that I trust to not be a VPN affiliate site posing as a legitimate review site) the author mentions he runs a VPN. I assumed it was super shady and looked it up on ThatOne's site and wow, it might even be better than Proton, it looks like a standout best option.
Apart from just barely missing the criteria for being in Canada, which I think is massively overstated anyways, and some unknown stuff like speed, it seems fantastic. It's called WindScribe. Will probably switch off TorGuard if everything else looks good.