Noob in PC need help purchasing gaming laptop 800~1000€


Oct 16, 2022
Hello !

Budget : 800~1000€
Size : 15.6 inch or more
Screen resolution : 1920x1080 (or more ? Idk)
I dont have a main desktop pc
Dont care about battery life, I will play plugged
I would like to play primerily some AOE4, WOW, LOL all in ultra and some AAA high if possible or Medium/High
I dont know how much storage I need, 500go is good ?
I seen some promos on cdiscount but I will take all sites to buy from
I dont have a good knowledge of gaming PC so I trust you on brands
I live in France

Thanks in advance if you are taking time for helping me.
Also, can you please explain to me your choice ?
If your budget is 800-1000 Euros, I would also be considering used laptops. You might be able to get a more powerful used laptop at that price point, compared to something that is new.

For 1000 Euros, I'm sure you can find a laptop that will play those games you listed, with ease.

Look for some laptops and post them here Crimso. Goodluck!
I love my acer predator helios 300, 10th gen intel and rtx 3060. New was $1200 usd but used should be within your range. 144hz screen 15.6 screen, dual fans, plays cyberpunk 2077 great.

They also have an 8th gen intel, gtx 1060. It would still game decently with reduced graphics, eBay has them for around $500 USD. Still 15.6 with 144hz.