Nong Shim Shin Noodle Ramyun Noodle 20-Pack $12

Ya, I see ppl do that sometimes. They take the ramen out, shake it around to get the bits off, and empty the bowl, before returning the ramen to it.

If you want to try something different, buy whatever instant ramen you want. Then instead of using the powder packet it comes with, use a pack of instant miso. Viola, miso ramen.
Oh yah. Guess if you don't like seafood, you won't like them. Probably wouldn't like half the instant udon out there either.

I love seafood, but the overly sea-foody broth flavor in cheap processed foods can be overwhelming. A delicate bonito broth, OTOH, is to die for... Most instant ramen and udon's on the other hand, blegh.

That super seafoody taste in actual seafood means bacterial activity as well, not something I associate with fresh delicious foods!
These definitely have some spicy to them, but not a whole lot of flavor. A little bit of sweet chili sauce later and mmmmmm!
Got a few spicy chickens at the supermarket "on the strenph" of this thread. Not worth a buck a can have Chunky Soup with meat and vegetables for 50c more.

But $12 for 20?...they are worth it. Enjoyed the spicy chicken very much. :)

Made in U.S.A.? I was surprised...thought these were imported or something.