Non-Gigabyte OC Software option for Gigabyte card?


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Sep 2, 2004
Just a quick question - I recently discovered that the Xtreme/Aorus Engine software for my Gigabyte GTX 1080 is causing the display to not be able to enter sleep mode. Problem is, without this software loaded and running, I am unable to overclock the card to my normal speeds.

Is there a decent alternative that would allow overclocking but not cause these sleep issues?
MSI Afterburner. It's pretty much the most popular overclocking app these days for virtually any card AMD or Nvidia.
Thanks for the replies. I've heard about MSI Afterburner but I've also heard of it causing issues in some games. Is that just with the overlay, or the software itself?
Yep. Been using Afterburner since day one.

It doesn't help that Gigabyte's software has always sucked.
The issue with some games may simply be that 1 OC doesn't fit all.

A single title may require adjustments to your gpu if the updates start using render lanes or reserved lanes aggressively like MW and Warzone. I swear it's like trying to hit 5.3ghz all core with hyper-v running on startup with some games.

Another is a skin over Afterburner or API adds to an existing project that aren't maintained properly. I'm not sure if there were vendor specific gpu tweaks in 3 fan gpu coolers that'd target a specific fan per sensor group. I do know that I tried northing the stock curved baked into my 6800ultras way back when. Had to go water-cooled bc of the type of fans and blocks were just screaming Delta loud without appreciably managing heat spikes very well. Certain 1080tis are pretty bad, they just slam against thermal throttling like the MSI Armor.

Brute force fan curves and defined voltages always seemed to work fine compared to baked in aftermarket cooling schemes and voltage boosts based on some fancy cooler voodoo.
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I use afterburner, unless I need software that cares not for silly things like "voltage/power limits", then I use saphire trixx (this was back in the HD6000 series days though).