Noctua changed their dye or something


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Aug 15, 2005
This doesn't bother me because I don't have a case to show off my components but-----I received a second of these fans and it is noticeably darker. The lighter colored one I bought over a year ago.


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Everyone complains that Noctua never changed the colors for their fans.

Now they do and look!

Leave it in the sun for a few days.
different batch, slight variance in dye i would assume. i think i kinda remember something like that....
edit: there was a switch from taiwan to china and a color change to go with.
I wonder if this person has ever had multiple of the same fan or not. Fans typically vary in their noise levels. Sometimes a lot. You can get 5 of the same fan. 1 will have a subtle clicking. One will have a high pitch resonance at certain speeds. 2 might be perffect. The last one might have an audible PWM purring sound.

Of my two Noctuas above, the one from before the switch, sounds a lot like a platter hard drive. That sort of high pitch whine which some HDD make. The new fan I feel like has a more turbulent sound to the rush of air it creates and is overall, a couple of DB louder.
I have 4 noctua fans in my system and they are all very close to the same.
2 black and 2 brown
The black fans are a bit quieter tho.
If you have LEDs lit all the time, sometimes they can alter the color of plastics depending on the LED color, brightness and length of time they are on. I had some Crucial Ballistix memory with white leds that in only a couple of months manged to change the color of the DIMM sockets they were plugged in to, right where the LEDs were mounted (really close to the edge connector on the DIMMI). My guess is some UV light from the white LEDs escaped through the phosphor coating on the LEDs and "burned" the plastic. So if you have purple, blue, white or UV case leds, they could over a period of time change the color of various plastic items inside the system.